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KD7808 Most Popular for Slab

[Release time:2017-05-23 Browse number:3552]

This year, China ceramic industry, no matter modern rustic tile or marble tile, has begun to be larger. 900×1800 (mm) is the most common size. Most of these production lines are equipped with press KD7808.


Early in 2007, KEDA and MONALISA jointly developed thin slab technology, press MODULO6800 succeeded in producing thin slab 900×1800×5.5 (mm), they made the first slab in China. From KD6800 to KD7808, the manufacture process has improved greatly. Take KD7808W for example, pressing 900×1800 (mm) tiles, 5 strokes/min, tile thickness difference within 0.2mm, it can also press two pieces of 800×800 (mm) or 900×900 (mm) tile at the requirement of factory.


Besides KD7808, super large-tonnage press KD16008 is delivered to India. Meanwhile KEDA is making effort to develop 20,000 and 33,000 tonnage presses for larger tiles.


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