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First 3.85m Width Glost Kiln Starts Running

[Release time:2017-07-17 Browse number:3932]

On  27th June, the wall tile production line supplied by KEDA was successfully put into production in Shandong Junshang factory. This line includes a 3.85m wide biscuit kiln and a 3.85m glost kiln, either kiln conveys 11 pieces of 300x600mm tile each row. Now its output reached 34,000 m2/day, 10% higher than the designed daily output 30,000m2 /day.



As far as we know, KEDA first 3.85m width biscuit kiln was succeeded in Jingchang factory in Feb., its glost kiln with width 3.45m. So far, the new kilns in the market normally are with inner width 3.1m or 3.45m, conveying 9 or 10 pieces of 300×600mm tile per row. But today, KEDA 3.85m wide kiln make it possible to conveying 11 pieces per row.

Obviously, the advantage of 3.85m super wide kiln is higher production efficiency, less land occupation, lower production cost, etc.



Look back on the history of kiln innovations in width, from 2.5m to 3.1m, from 3.4m to 3.85m, KEDA has succeeded in these breakthroughs basing on its strong technical innovation and rich experience accumulation.

Moreover, KEDA 3.85m super wide kiln for polishing tile is expected to be put into production in coming July in India.


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