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First KD16008 Starts Production in India

[Release time:2017-08-25 Browse number:4590]

On August 11th the first KD16008 started production at Sunshine in India, for full polishing glazed tiles with size 1200×2400mm and thickness 10mm, pressing force 15000ton, stroke 4.5cycle /min and thickness deviation ±0.2mm. It is the first factory in India that adopts traditional press to produce the above size slab.

Production stability and consistency are ensured to maintain the current production mode, so KD16008 is the ideal choice for slab. This line is suitable for producing tiles of thickness 5~30mm, size 600×1200mm, 1200×1200mm and 1200×2400mm.


Sunshine is a large-scale enterprise with brand Sunheart, covering wall tile, polishing tile and full polishing glazed tile. 

In the past seven months KEDA press market share has made a big promotion in India, with range from KD3208B up to KD16008. One more KD16008 has been confirmed in India market. KEDA presses help India ceramic industry forward to slab era.




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