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First 3.85m Width Porcelain Kiln Running in India

[Release time:2017-10-30 Browse number:4562]

Following on the first 3.85m width kiln for wall tiles succeeded in China in June, the first 3.85m width kiln of KEDA put into production in ASCENT CERAMIC in India on Oct. 3rd.




The kiln is with inner width 3.85m and length183.6m, firing cycle 70min for full polishing glazed porcelain tile, size 800×800mm, 4pcs/row.



After three weeks of running, the products are with good flatness and stable quality, temperature error of cross section within 3℃. Comparing with traditional 3m width kiln, space and energy saved obviously, capacity increased around 25%, its comprehensive performance reaches international advanced level.



In fact, it is a complete line supplied by KEDA, including two presses KD5208, 5-layer internal circulation dryer, glazing line, polishing line and packing line. This line represents the highest automation level in Morbi.