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Smooth technology flow with advanced design idea, well matching of configuration and output exert the equipment performance as much as possible

First offer turn-key project service of the industry, including products R&D, design, manufacture, EP, EPC and management control

Press KDQ1300 pressing force can be 13000KN, 48 pcs standard brick can be pressed/template, 24 pcs blind hole brick can be pressed, pressing speed can be up to 3.5 times, and its annual output can be up to 60 million pcs

Press KDQ1300 crossbeam stroke can be 650mm and the headroom can be up to 1290mm. It is suitable for standard brick, blind hole brick, blind hole building block and through hole building block pressing, max suitable size is 480x240x190. Single line investment for variable products is available

Auto stacker functions body clamp, convey and place. Modular design enables the machine frame, lift and robot adjustable as needed. Speed regulating with inverter and servo motor reducer control for exact position of the body

Centralized PLC auto control system, all the procedures are completed in central control room or operation table of subsection, auto production with few workers, high production efficiency and high qualified rate

Technical specification: