Hydraulic pump

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Special designed for open circuit hydraulic drive
Pump flow is proportion to the speed and the displacement
Good suction ability 
Permitted working pressure can be up to 350bar
Low noise
Long life time
Axial and radial load affordable for the drive shaft
Modular design
Short response time
Through shaft, series pump available

Technical specification:


技术参数 Specification
PV063-092 PV140-180 PV270
额定排量 Displacement(ml/r) 63-92 140-180 270
额定转速 Rated speed(r/min) 2000 1800 1500
额定压力  Rated pressure(bar) 350 350 350
容积效率  Cubage utilization(%) ≥96   ≥96   ≥96
总效率      Total efficiency(%)  ≥91  ≥91  ≥91
噪音          Noise(dB) 82 16 90
重量          Weight (Kg) 59 90 72