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    Project introduction: KEDA can construct centralized gas supply project for large industrial park to solve its fuel supply and environment protection problem, which can transform the decentralize coal utilization into efficient centralized gas production, and transform the difficult end-of-pipe control of disperse pollution source (dust, tar, sulphur, phenol, cyanogens) into online monitoring front-end environment protection, bring great social, environmental and economical benefits for enterprises.
    Typical project: KEDA(Shenyang) Clean Energy has built 20 sets of circulating fluidized bed systems as first phase, which provides steadily coal gas for ceramic industrial park, its annual coal gas output is 1.296 billion Nm3, heat value of coal gas can be more than 1600kcal/Nm3 , while the oxygen- enriched air are used as gasification agent. 
    Honor: this clean coal gasification project is considered as key construction project of Liaoning province, which also authorized as National key environment protection demonstration project in Dec. 2014.